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What is hard drive imaging?


It is a process of creating an exact copy of your computer's hard drive. Imaging captures a exact 1:1 image of the hard drive. The image can be used to return the computer or the computer’s hard drive back to a working state, to the time when the image was created. The image includes all the operating system installation, application software, user files, boot sectors, partition information and file allocation table which will result in a fully bootable operating system


Protecting Your Work!


We create a exact image of your computer's hard drive in strict confidentiality and store in on our in-house backup server in the event that any of the following happens:

  1. Computer hard drive crash or complete drive failure.

  2. System failure due to a virus attack.

  3. Or upgrading your hard drive to a larger or faster drive, we use the image to put the new drive to the original state your system was in before the new drive upgrade, on the original system only.

Why we are better?


Computer companies provide a recovery partition on the same hard drive, what happens to that recovery partition when the drive fails?, the recovery partition is unusable. The company who made the computer can recovery the original factory state of the hard drive but will cost you a lot of money. After which you will have to install all the software and updates that you previously had installed. Not to mention all your personal files, music and pictures plus will be gone.


With using Imaged Hard Drive Service recovering your drive is fast and painless. We can create a image after you have installed all your preferred software, updates and personal data. When we finish restoring your drive you will have to install any software applications personal files/documents changes that may have been made after the backup was created.  The customer can request a backup of personal files prior to a recovery attempt, if the files are accessible. Imaged Hard Drive Service can also create a secondary file backup schedule for the customer at the time of the image creation.


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