Web Page Updates

  • text updates 1-2 paragraphs maximum of 5 lines per paragraph at a cost of $5.00 CDN.
  • graphics updates 1-5 graphics cost of $10.00 CDN.
  • site costing $69.99 per page depending on the amount of content per webpage, eg. graphics.

Terms and Conditions

  • webpage text prepared and supplied by the customer.
  • pictures and graphics supplied by customer other then those agreed upon by the customer and Low End Webs.

Payment Terms

  1. 20% to be paid at the time of the agreement.

  2. additional 30% at half completion of the website.

  3. balance owing at the time of publishing the website to your server.

Web Site Uploading

Uploading your website is part of our service, your part is to provide us with the web space, your user name and password.

At the bottom of this page you will find two links  for low cost web space.

Username and passwords that are supplied to Low End Webs are under strict confidentiality, and stored as encrypted files.


This is a sample of a header for you home page.

This is included at no extra charge.


This is a sample of a introduction page.

An introduction page is extra.


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