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We offer a hard drive, CD/DVD and Digital Media data recovery service at Complete Data Recovery Plus, we recover lost data and files from failed hard drives CD's and DVD's with custom software tools designed to restore your computer data caused by a crash or almost any other disaster.

Worst Case Scenario

Your son has been bugging you to let him use the computer, you agree to finally let him on. Next thing you know when you go on to do some work you can not get on because it appears that your password has been changed. When you ask your son what the new password is he replies by saying, "I can't remember because he got messing around and hit to many keys".

Now what are you going to do, you try everything and nothing seems to work. You need your computer for work but you can't access any of your files or get on the internet.

So now what do you do ?

You call Complete Data Recovery Plus and have it fixed in no time.


New services now available, please check other services # 10 , 11 and 12.




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