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Computer in need of repair? Need some new hardware installed? We offer a wide range of computer repair and installation services to meet your every need.

Below you can find our price list for some common scenarios offered by Complete Data Recovery Plus. NOTE the shop fee mentioned below.

Service - Costing

  1. Custom Built Computers - Depending On The Components
  2. Computer Repairs - Depending On The Repairs
  3. Computer Upgrades - Video Card/Sound Card/Network Card/CD Drive/Ram Upgrade $23.00
  4. Software Solutions - Depending On The Software Trouble And Time Fixing The Problem.
  5. Operating System Troubleshooting - Depending On The System Problem And Time Fixing The Problem.
  6. PC Cleaning - Per Machine $20.00
  7. System Optimization (Tune-up) - Per Machine $30.00
  8. Hard drive Installation And Customer Supplied OS Setup - Hard drive Installation And Customer Supplied OS Setup $40.00
  9. Virus Removal - Per Machine $45.00
  10. Windows Login Password Reset - Per User $40.00
  11. Wireless Router Security Setup - One Time Fee $40.00
  12. Additional Computers Added To Network - Per Machine $20.00
  13. Data Transfer - By A State Of The Art Program Via The USB Ports. 1.Desktop-Laptop 2.Laptop-Desktop 3.Desktop-Desktop 4.Laptop-Laptop - Per Transfer $40.00


Shop Fee/Onsite Fee

A fee of $20.00 per hour will apply on all work performed by Complete Data Recovery Plus.

Warranty Information

There will be a 7 day warranty put on all work done by Complete Data Recovery Plus under the Other Services Section. This warranty will be enforced to the 7 day terms.

Terms of Payment

Completed work will be paid in full at the time of completion and pickup.

Complete Data Recovery Plus Accepts:

  • Personal Cheques - certain stipulations will apply.
  • Company Cheques
  • Money Orders
  • Cash

All the above methods of payment is referred to "other services" offered by Complete Data Recovery Plus.                                                                   


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