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How to send your hardware

All media, hard drives and CD's plus computers and laptops should be put into an anti-static bag and then wrapped in bubble-wrap for protection. The packing box should be filled with either styrofoam peanuts or bubble-wrap so that the media is secured and is not bounced around. The outside of the shipping box should be labeled to indicate fragile contents.

For ease of identification, please complete the information sheet or include your company name, address, phone number, and contact name on the inside of the box. This information is generally taped to the media.

Print this information sheet page and attach it to the hardware/media being sent in. Fill out as much information as possible.

Engagement Of Service Agreement 

Please print this agreement and send it with your hardware.


Confidentiality Agreement

Please print this agreement and send it with your hardware.

Shipping Address

Complete Data Recovery Plus

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Ontario, Canada.   


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